Why Do Cats Scratch at Walls and Sofas when There Are Cat Scratchers

It is common sense that cats need to sharpen their paws, so people who raise cats will definitely buy cat scratchers. However, the most troublesome thing is that there is already a scratcher at home, but the cat still refuses to let go of the wall and sofa. 


Why do cats scratch at walls and sofas when there are cat scratchers


First of all, this is because the cat's attention is random. Let me take an example to help you understand it. When cats need to drink more water, the doctor normally will tell you such a method: to put some water in various places in the house. In fact, it is true and obvious that cats sometimes do not want to drink water (because they did not clearly go to the place where they should drink water), but they found that there was a glass of water in the corner of the wall, then they could drink a few sips. Playing cat scratchers is also like that. Although there is a cat scratcher, the cat will still scratch the sofa. Maybe he didn't go to scratch the sofa specially, but he just walked there, just it is the time to sharpen his paws.



Secondly, the cat scratcher is too old. People who have been keeping cats for a long time should know that the scratcher will not be so exciting after a long time, but the sofa and the wall are getting more and more intense. Therefore, it is also very important to replace the cat scratcher in time!


What’s more, cats really don't like that cat scratcher. Sometimes when I buy several cat scratchers of different shapes at the same time, cats will have obvious preferences. Usually, while one of them is worn out, the other is still in a used state. But actually, most cats can still adapt to all kinds of cat scratchers. If your cat does have an obvious preference for scratchers, choose what he likes.


In the end, the cat may just want to change the feeling. If you are used to scratching the corrugated paper, it is good to scratch the fabric sofa a few times. If you want to alleviate this behavior, prepare more cat scratchers at home, cut your cat's nails regularly and you are not suggested to punish the cat after scratching the sofa, but also don't make some positive encouraging attitudes.


However, this is the habit of cats and there is extremely small possibility of a complete change, so it is also quite important for the cat owner to be more tolerant.


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