Why Does the Cat Sleep in a Different Place Than Before

Cats are "nostalgic", they generally do not choose to replace their commonly used items such as cat bowls, toys, and feline beds. Especially for feline beds, cats are not big on the new bed. Unless the new bed just arouses their interest, they prefer the old bed with its own strong smell.


But if the cat suddenly changed the position where he liked to sleep, and didn't plan to go back to sleep again, what is the reason?




1. The place to sleep is no longer available


If cats have their own hair and strong smells (vomiting smell, urine smell, fishy smell) everywhere they sleep, they should not care, right?


This is really wrong. Cats who love to be clean will not only dislike the dirty places in the house, but even the dirty places where they sleep will make them avoid them.


That is because cats have some unavoidable dirt left in places where they usually sleep, and they will choose to change another sleeping place if they cannot clean up by themselves.


Therefore, the cat owner still has to clean up the cat's sleeping place frequently, such as using a cleaner to brush the hair and wash the blanket, and then wait for the cat to come back to sleep, but don't force it.


In addition, some feline beds are prone to make the cat fall off, or when there are many cats in the house, it is easy to make them snatch the nest. At this time, the cat may choose to find a new place to sleep.


2. The material and shape of the feline beds are not liked by cats


Cats are not only very nostalgic, but also very picky. If they use the feline beds frequently, they must love them deeply.


If the cat owner adjusts the cat's beds slightly without the cat's "permission", such as changing a new blanket, it may make the cat feel that his nest is no longer that smell, then the cat may abandon this bed and go to sleep elsewhere.


The shape of the feline beds is also very important, just like the "bowl-shaped" feline beds that our fat orange cat likes to sleep on. It only wants to keep its head against the edge of the bed. We were worried that fat orange's neck would be injured, so we changed it to a "pot-like" feline beds. As a result, except for the first day, she never touched it.


3. The temperature of the feline beds is not suitable


This is especially obvious when the season is changing. For example, cats in winter like to nest in the cat owner's bed, and even if they are driven away, they will sneak up; but in summer, cats like to sleep in a cool place, and they really don't want to stay in the same bed with the sticky owner (unless the air conditioner is turned on).


4. The cat is in poor health


Even if cats sleep in different places, as long as their expressions still look calm, it means that there is nothing wrong with their bodies.


But when the cat is not in such a calm state, the cat owner should pay more attention. It is likely that there is a problem with their body. For example, when a cat hides in a darker place such as a closet or a utility room with its eyes closed, it must be sick. They just habitually hide their weaknesses.


So at this time, the cat owner should not think about whether there are problems with feline beds , but take the cat to see a doctor.


5. The feline beds cat sleeping represents its different moods


Cats don't just find a place to sleep casually. Although they give us the feeling as if they have slept in any place in the house, just a little bit of observation will make you realize that they will choose different places to sleep because of different moods.


When sleeping by the window: sunbathe, warmer place which is easier to fall asleep, and at the same time to monitor the neighborhood;


When sleeping in cold places such as corridors, bathrooms, etc.: it's too hot, they have to cool themselves down;


When sleeping in a high place: there are two reasons, the first is that the warm air flows upwards, so it is warm to fall asleep in a high place, and the second is that they can feel at ease when they sleep in a high place.


To conclude, as for cats, the place to sleep is also very important. If the cat owners see them suddenly change their sleeping place, they have to go and observe. Otherwise they could be in trouble if cats get sick.


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