Why Don’t Cats Use the Newly Bought Cat Scratcher

Does the cat owners feel particularly helpless every time you see the cat scratching the sofa or scratching the mattress? No matter how you tell or even beat and scold the cat, it won't help, especially when you order it not to do so again, but the cat refuses to give up. It puts on an expression of "What can you do to me" and looks directly at you, which as for you is completely a provocative gesture.


Why Don’t Cats Use the Newly Bought Cat Scratcher


In addition to being fun and venting, there is a more important factor: to sharpen its claws.


Domestic pet cats cannot effectively wear their claws due to lack of outdoor activities, so their sharp claw tips will grow very quickly, and when they reach a certain level, they will become bent, resulting in barbs, which will not only hinder normal walking, but also stab the pads and cause damage to them. Therefore, pet cats have to scratch things and sharpen their claws every day, and they have developed this "bad habit" of scratching what they see.



In order to prevent cats from damaging the furniture, it is necessary to trim their claw tips regularly. In addition, it is better to prepare a special scratcher for it to solve its physiological habits.


Many inexperienced cat owners bought the cat scratcher and gave it to the cat happily, thinking it would use the scratcher upon seeing it, but the results were often disappointing. Although a lot of catnip powder was sprinkled on it, the kitten just rolled over and did not actively stretch out its paws to scratch.


Seeing that the cat disdains the newly-purchased cat scratcher, but still loves furniture, I think the cat owner's heart is very broken. So someone tried to teach the cat how to use the cat scratcher. They may forcibly press the cat on it and help it make movements by grasping the cat's paws. Some people demonstrated by themselves and stretched out their hands to imitate the cat and scratched the cat scratcher.


In fact, cats don't need humans to teach them at all. The cat will suddenly open up at a certain time, not only learn how to use the cat scratcher without a teacher, but also love it very much, even lying on it when sleeping. This may be due to nature.


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