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Cats sleep twice as much as humans, and kittens sleep even more. A cat bed is a good choice for cat owners who want to help their kitties get the best rest. Like humans, cats also need adequate rest. Sleep interruptions or lack of sleep may be harmful to their health.

Various Types of Cat Beds

1. Basket (wicker or plastic)
A wicker basket is the most traditional type of cat bed. You can put a blanket or pillow in it to make your cat feel more comfortable. However, wicker baskets are difficult to clean but can be worn out easily from chewing and scratching. Thus, you can choose plastic ones and put soft fabrics or cushions inside. Also, this kind of cat bed is usually not very expensive.
2. Mat
A simple kitty mat is another economical choice. It may look as good as some luxurious cat beds, but we have found that many cats actually like those. In addition, there some heated models that can keep your cats warm in cold winters.
3. Enclosed
This type is also called igloo cat beds. They provide safety and security for animals as well as warmth and privacy, and they are one of the cats’ favorite types of beds, especially ones made of wicker.
4. Hammock
They are usually hung at high places or on the cat trees that enable cats to peek through the window or observe their surroundings.

Should You Buy a Cat Bed for Your Cat?

One good reason to buy a bed for cats is to encourage them to sleep in one place most of the time, and this can benefit both you and your cats. Cat owners have to deal with fur all the time, and it would save you a lot of time if your cats decide to sleep in one place.

You may be tired of cleaning the fur off the foot of your bed or sofa. A bed specially prepared for cats would be an excellent solution. It also provides your cats with a comfortable place without having to look through the whole house to find a sleeping spot. Also, when you are moving to a new place, the cat bed will make the cat feel safe in the new environment.

How to Choose a Suitable Cat Bed for Your Cat?

Determining the right type of beds from various shapes and sizes can be tiring. For some cats, a cat bed with highly sided walls and a closed top may be very inviting – it will bring the peace of mind and quiet they prefer. If your cat wants to rest in a secluded place, choose beds that provide such feelings. Oppositely, if your cat likes to stretch and sprawl out, you may need to look for a more open bed.

If your cat likes to hide under the bed, behind your sofa, or in other unusual spaces, they may feel more comfortable and confident with a cat bed that is enclosed.

An enclosed space like a cardboard box or a den-shaped cat bed will help your cats retain their body heat and remain physically comfortable, not to mention the psychological relief cats experience when they confine themselves in small spaces.

An enclosed cat bed can make your kitties feel safe and secure, especially if they’re newcomers i.e. there is a lot of stress at your home for them. In the wild, cats can fall prey to larger predators, so an enclosed space can keep them safe and enables them to let their guard down enough to sleep and rest.

How to Choose a Placement for Cat Beds?

Cat beds should be put somewhere quiet: the bedroom is a good place to put cat beds for your kitty to sleep in during the day because bedrooms typically don’t hold as many daytime activities as other areas of your home.

Cat furniture: most cat owners buy cat furniture for their pets along with cat beds. Cat furniture can become an ideal place for cat beds. Many cats like slumbering on the top perches of a cat tree, or inside a cat condo. So do not hesitate to make your kitty’s cat furniture even cozier with the addition of a pet bed.

A little elevation: many cats feel comfortable at high places where they can see the entire room. This is why you will often find cats on the arms of sofas or even the tops of bookcases. When you choose places to put a bed for your cat, consider placing it on top of furniture instead of on the floor.

Buy Comfortable Cat Bed Blankets Online at Affordable Prices

Cats don't just like cat bed blankets, they love them. In fact, cats love most types of blankets, and you will always find that your cats want to lie on your blanket to enjoy that soft feeling.

The Importance of Cat Bed Blankets

A cat bed blanket is an essential accessory for cats. If you doubt it, try covering your cat with a blanket he likes, and you will see that there is no way to separate the two. Cats use their favorite blankets to sleep, hide food and toys, and knead as if they were giving a relaxing massage.

These blankets can also help to calm the cats when they are under pressure in a new environment because of the familiar scents and comfy materials. This is why we recommend you bring your cats’ favorite blankets when taking them to the vet or when moving to a new home.

Give your cats their own blankets that they can always have close at hand. It is also essential to keep in mind that when you are changing the worn-out blanket to a new one, keep the two for a while for the cats to get used to.

Do Cats Like to be Covered by Cat Bed Blankets?

Most cats have a special feeling towards concealed places, especially for sleeping spots. This may be due to their natural instincts of avoiding enemies and observing the surroundings. Burrowing under a blanket gives cats a perfect hiding place with a satisfying sense of security and makes them sleep more soundly.

But it may be better not to cover your cats’ heads with a blanket unless they themselves decide to get right under. Making them invisible in the environment may let them feel uncomfortable or even cause panic. Therefore, leave the burrowing to the cats.

What Type of Blankets do Cats Prefer?

1. Knitted
Knitted cat bed blankets are soft and light, and they can usually fall around your cats’ bodies snuggly. Natural fibers such as cotton or wool are ideal.

2. Woven
Some cats may like woven woolen blankets. These are a bit heavy, so they might be more suitable for cold winter and may not be suitable for kittens.

3. Fleece
Fleece blankets are soft and lightweight. Cats can easily burrow under to become totally ensconced.

4. Felt
Felt blankets have a smooth and soft surface that many cats like, and they are usually very warm due to the tightly woven texture.

5. Fluffy
Fluffy blankets offer cats a comfortable resting place.

6. Quilt
Most cats cannot resist quilt, and this also explains why cats love your bed.

7. Tufted
Tufted blankets can be exciting for cats as they can get a really good grip on fiber through kneading. Also, tufted blankets are usually super warm.

Why Cats Knead Blankets

Cats learn to knead since they were young. As kittens, they massage when their mothers suckle them to stimulate milk production. Such a positive association between kneading and feeling content develops and stays with a cat’s whole life.

As cats mature, they knead at soft surfaces in preparation for sleeping – it is almost like creating a nest. During the whole process, they purr happily.

Any area cats knead becomes a marked territory because they release pheromones from glands in their paws. In a multi-cat family, each cat tries to claim certain areas as its own by kneading, particularly their sleeping spots.

Sometimes adult female cats knead when they are in heat, which is usually easy to detect because of the cries they make at this time. Also, a pregnant cat may knead certain areas to prepare for giving birth.

Blanket Safety
Here are a few safety tips to consider if your cat loves blankets:

If your cat likes to chew and bite things, beware of using blankets with fringing, tassels, bubbles, or any other loose items that may cause choking.

Make sure your cat would not get tangled or trapped beneath a large blanket by putting the blanket on flat surfaces instead of in a small space such as a box.

Be careful with electric blankets as your cats could claw or bite through the electrical wires. Also, cats could get entangled by the power cord.

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