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Poils Bebe Cat Condo and Bed 24-inch Handmade R...

①FOR CATS AND KITTENS: 24-in cat bed helps satisfy your cat’s main needs at home—enrichment, priv...

①FOR CATS AND KITTENS: 24-in cat bed helps satisfy your cat’s main needs at home—enrichment, privacy, comfort, and elevated spots for napping and lounging.②100% HAND-MADE: Taking at least 16 hours to make, we make sure to provide a luxury and premium place.③EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Our classic cat mansion saves your effort from troubleshooting. You will be able to put it together in 10 minutes, no need to keep your furry fellow waiting.④BEAUTIFUL CAT PALACE: Modern design features simple but decorat...


Poils bebe Cat Condo

Description Unique design with stylish cutout windows, ensuring leisure and privacy at the s...

Description Unique design with stylish cutout windows, ensuring leisure and privacy at the same time High-quality faux fur, plush and soft surface make your cat and kitten cozy Multilevel tiers make it the best playhouse, suitable for families with multiple cats Stable structure made from qualified materials ensure safety and sturdiness during playtime Easy to assemble with our detailed instructional guide included in the pack Specification Material: wood and faux fur Color: Grey Siz...


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A cat house is a cattery, a place for resting. Cat houses and condos can provide your cats with their personal space, a territory of their own.

Why does You Cat Need A Cat House?

A cat house can be the best choice to meet the psychological needs of cats: a place where they can brood, rest, sleep and have fun.

Different versions of cat condos allow cats to gain the necessary stimulation for their bodies and minds.

Interactive cat condos can help keep your cats very active and engaged for a long time, which is ideal when you are not around.

In addition to location, entertainment, and sports, these cat condos can also serve as an ideal way for multiple cats to interact with each other.

Normally cats would prefer privacy and personal spaces. Cat condos are designed in accordance with their habits. There are usually multiple levels or perches in one cat condo, and each cat can mark its own territory and live together peacefully.

An important reason for preparing a cat condo for your pet is when the cat is timid or anxious, the cat condo would give them a hideaway place where they can find a sense of safety and security. It is essential for cats to be able to stay away from unfamiliar situations.

Also, your cats can observe the surrounding environment clearly from the top of the condo, which makes your cat feel in control.

Types of Cat Houses and Condos

1. Cat condos

Cat condos are usually enclosed compartments located at any height on a cat tree. This is catering to the cats’ instincts of climbing and hiding.

There are various shapes and sizes of cat condos, such as houses, boxes, or wooden barrels, and those condos usually have at least one entrance through which a cat can enter and exit. Entrances are usually on the sides of a condo, but it isn’t uncommon to see designs where they are located on the top or bottom. These hidden designs not only allow cats to navigate in and out but also make it difficult for others to easily break-in. When your cats need to take a break, these condos are the perfect solutions.

If you have multiple cats at your home, however, the hidden entrance design may not be enough to prevent cats from fighting. When cats are competing for their own apartments, multiple entrances will provide alternative exit routes.

Most cats, especially those timid ones, are naturally attracted to enclosed space like a cat condo because the cat condo provides a sense of security. A cat condo can be a great timeout box for cats to stay inside when they want to relax by themselves.

2. Cat perches

Cat perches are also known as shelves, platforms, levels, on the cat tree. Those perches play a role as a resting space and a foothold for cats to climb to different levels of cat trees. Perches do not emphasize enclosed spaces, and they are usually flat surfaces or semi-enclosed compartments.

3. Cat towers

Cat towers are cat trees, characterized by tall vertical posts with a perch or condo on the top. Due to the high vertical height of the cat tree, a cat tree with a cat tower is usually larger than a normal cat tree because it requires a larger base to provide stability. In order for the cat to climb to the top, there are usually perches, acting like a foothold that guides your cats to the top of the tower. Some cat towers are not made with a wide base, but instead, feature harnesses that need to be installed into walls and ceilings. This type of cat tower is designed to take up less space and still give cats a height characteristic that they can "tower" in their environment. If your cat likes to climb on the shelf or refrigerator, a cat tower would be a great choice.

Generally, cat houses and cat condos can be classified in the following ways.

Classified with materials, cat trees and cat towers can be made from wood, bamboo, palm tree, olive tree, oak, birch and particle board, etc.

Classified with sizes, there are 2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier, 5-tier, 7 level cat trees, and cat towers, etc. Classified with heights, there are 24-inch, 28-inch, 30-inch, 32-inch, 36-inch, 40-inch, 42-inch, 50-inch, 52-inch, 60-inch, 70-inch, 80-inch, 90-inch, and-100 inch cat trees, and cat towers, etc.

Classified with colors, popular choices include grey, pink, white, black, beige, cream, red, purple, and navy blue cat trees and cat towers, etc.

What is the Value of the Cat Condos

Provide a Sense of Security Coziness

Cat houses and condos allow cats to perch on a cat tree, even if they are only a little way off the ground. Houses and condos can also provide ample viewing (which can quickly turn into lounging) with an additional feeling of security, especially for timid cats to feel safe. Be careful though, a particularly tall cat condo may bring potential risks for kittens and very clumsy cats.

Give Space for Cats to Climb

Have you ever noticed how your cats aim at the highest place in a room? The reason why cats tend to prefer high spaces is that there is no doubt about investigating their own kingdom (your house, you, and your family). Also, high spaces provide cats with a sense of safety.

How to Teach a Cat to Love Her Cat House?

Make the cat house a center of attention. If your cat has a close relationship with you and likes to interact with you, then one of the best ways to encourage her to use the climbing area is to give her affection, praise, and petting on the climbing area. If your cat likes to be petted, you can save the kitty massage for the times when she's on the cat tree. Minimize her attention when she's on the ground or in her old climbing areas.

You can also play with your cat on the tree. Petting your cats and playing with them once they’re on there can help create positive affections with the tree mentioned above. Cats love to play—they’re hunters, after all. They would pretend things at your home as their target and prey on them. If they see the cat tree as a place they can get such stimulation and fun, they will enjoy this place.

Similarly, if the cat tree is a place where they get affection and love, they are likely to spend more time on the tree. Thus, make sure you engage with your cat a lot around the cat tree, bringing them there, and using the engagement as a reward for solo exploration. Eventually, even if you play with your cat less frequently when they are up there, they will still see it as a great place to go.

Where to Put The Cat’s Houses and Condos

A cat condo provides your cat with a place for resting. Since sleeping is an essential part of a cat's life, they tend to stick to their own favorite nap place. Then you may find it difficult for them to adopt a new cat condo. To increase the chances of a cat using the bed that you select, make sure to place it in a quiet place, and avoid any draughts. Usually, an ideal choice would be a warm place, especially near a radiator or under the sun during winter times. Some cats may also prefer to sleep at higher places, so don’t hesitate to place their bed on a piece of furniture where they will feel safe.

Choose your cat house location carefully. Place the cat tree in the part of the house that is visited most frequently by your cat. If you have more than one cat, they may not always like to share, and you may need to consider placing another climbing structure at your home so that all your cats can have access to climbing areas.

Ideally, a cat house should be installed in a location where they can have as broad a view as possible, i.e. a spacious room. Also, it may be better to place it near a window. In this way, your cat can watch birds or passers-by on the street as well as observing what’s happening at your home (such as in the hallway, kitchen, etc.).

How To Clean A Cat House

Vacuum Cleaner

Some cat house can be cleaned with vacuum cleaners that come with a special carpet brush. The carpet brush is usually designed with pieces of lint textile that help to pick up cat hair from carpets.

The vacuum cleaner gets rid of most hairs and other dirt, such as litter box fallouts, food leftovers, and sisal rope particles.

Special Hair Removal Brush

There are special lint-rollers extremely effective at removing hairs from carpets and other textiles. The cheaper version is well known as sticky rollers.

Pet Safe Universal Cleaning Agent

These cleaning agents can be used on any type of floor or surface. These cleaners are pet safe, containing no harmful chemicals even when your cat or dog walks on the wet floors and lick their wet feet.

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are the most recommended tool to clean a cat tree. They can be used both dry and damp and will remove dirt easily with the help of those cleaning sprays.

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