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Poils Bebe Cat Scratching Pad, Cardboard Revers...

Protect Your Furniture: Poils Bebe scratching pad provides cats an outlet to scratch, reducing un...

Protect Your Furniture: Poils Bebe scratching pad provides cats an outlet to scratch, reducing unwanted scratching of other furniture. Reversible:Built with high density harden corrugated cardboard, our scratching pads can be used from both sides.Eco-friendly Material:100% recycled corrugated cardboard and non-toxic glue are used to ensure there is no harmful material for your feline friends.Curved Wave Design: Curve designs make it easier for your cats to lie down and stretch their bodies wh...


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Cat scratching pads are textured mats, posts, or loungers designed to attract cats and provide them a place to release their natural instincts of scratching and playing. In addition to keeping those urges satisfied, scratching pads also help to maintain healthy nails and muscles and divert your pets from destroying your own soft home furnishings.

It is Useful to Provide Plenty of Scratching Posts and Pads

Scratching posts and pads are consumables for cats, as they need replacements very often. Also, to protect your furniture from being “damaged”, it is wise to prepare several scratching posts and pads, especially for families with multiple cats.

When choosing scratching posts and pads for your cats, remember the following tips:

Shape: your cat does not only want posts and pads that stand upright (vertical), but also want ones that lay flat (horizontal), and even ones that are diagonal.

Stability: a flimsy scratching post or cat tower could fall and hurt your cat (or anyone else in your house). Make sure the cat tower is stable and sturdy, and if possible, firmly fix it against the wall.

Surface: provide your cat with a variety of tactile surfaces to scratch. This could help keep them interested in those scratching pads. Good cat scratching surfaces include sisal rope or sisal, fabric, cardboard, and uncovered wood, etc.

Why Do Cats Need a Good Cat Scratching Pad

Scratching pad helps cats to keep their nails in suitable length. Extremely long nails will hurt themselves while extremely short nails will make them think their nails are not sharp enough for “hunting”. Also, cats can mark their own territories through scents left by scratching.

The most important reason why a cat scratching pad is usually seen as a necessity is that cats may scratch your furniture, including a sofa, carpets, or any other things made from soft materials.

How a Scratching Pad Helps Your Cat

A scratching pad will help to keep your cats happy and healthy:

1. A scratching pad will not break your cat’s nails; it only helps to remove the excess outer layers.
2. When a scratching pad is available, cats are less likely to dig their nails into your furniture.
3. The scratching pad helps your kitties stretch their bodies by providing an outlet for exercise.
4. A scratching pad can be used as a type of enrichment that helps cats to feel less bored.
5. For families with multiple cats, scratching pads and posts can be great sharable playgrounds.

Some Ways to Get Your Cat to Use a Scratching Pad

Redirecting your cats to scratching pads may take a while, so it is important to take other measures to protect the furniture as well.

Mani-pedis: trim your cat's nails on a weekly basis so that their nails would do less damage to the furniture.

Nail Covers: temporary soft nail covers can protect your furniture from your cats’ paws during the process of redirecting. But keep in mind that those covers usually need to be removed after 2 weeks.

The Right Place: Put a scratching pad next to the furniture that your cat likes scratching. Also, cats like to stretch when they first wake up, so it is a good idea to put a pad near where they sleep.

Get Their Attention: Use your nails on the scratcher to make a scraping sound and encourage your cat to do the same. Rub their paws gently on the scratching pad to start putting their scent on it. If your cat likes catnip, you can sprinkle some on top.

Use Active Reinforcement: Once your cat checks out the new scratcher, show praise immediately.

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